Imagine if you lived in a home where your kitchen isn't tucked away. Where you're stuck by yourself cooking, missing out while your family and friends are together having fun.

A home where your kids have a playroom; so your lounge doesn't look like a toy store, and you don't constantly stand on Lego (how does it get everywhere??).

How about a separate space just for you, where you can close the door on the chaos of family life, get lost in a book, do that yoga class or set up your easel?


Creating homes that bring your dreams to life.

I partner with you to create a home that is your sanctuary that refreshes and energises so that you and your family can flourish.

Hi, I’m Jenny,

I’m an Interior Designer turned Architectural Designer.

What’s an Architectural Designer? It’s the mostly unknown architectural professional between a draughtsman and an architect, the perfect in- betweener. We’re skilled at design and are also incredibly practical.

I have a knack for blending architecture and interior design. Your home’s design isn’t just approached from an architectural perspective- creating a series of spaces enclosed by a floor, walls and a roof; completing the design with beautiful facades.

I think carefully about how you'll use the spaces inside: the arrangement of furniture, the placement of art, the ease of day-to-day living.

When that balance is correct, your home is not just attractive outside and in, but practical and hardworking too. And life becomes simpler and more beautiful.


Thank you Jenny, you have honestly been fabulous to work with.

Bronwyn and Andrew, Rondebosch