If you’ve never embarked on a renovation or built your own home, you probably have loads of questions. These are the most common ones I get asked, I hope you find them helpful.

Working with Jenny

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I specialise in designing homes- either renovating an existing home or building a new one. I’m fascinated by how people live in their homes and how a well-designed home improves your life.

Clients tend to be a combination of talented creatives, finance or IT whizzes and savvy entrepreneurs. They’re innovative and not scared to get their hands a little dirty. The idea of renovating or building and creating their forever home for their family excites them. They live in Cape Town’s city bowl, the leafy Southern Suburbs or relaxed Noordhoek.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to have a well-designed home that fits your lifestyle and you want to work with a team who can give you that and have fun during the process, we’ll be a good fit.

Council Approval & Timeline

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Yes! Every home that I work on is of a size and scope that requires council approval. The location and age of your home may also mean that it needs a Heritage permit.

I’m very well versed in both council and Heritage requirements and prepare drawings of a very high standard, which helps speed up these approvals.

Building timeline, budget & team

Budget (1)

The length of time a build takes depends on the size and complexity of the build. Early in the design stage, I give you an estimate, and this is firmed up when a builder is appointed. It’s always essential to consider builder’s holidays and factor in delays for unforeseen things. In a new build, there’s less chance of unexpected issues, but a renovation, especially to an older home, tends to bring with it surprises.