About Red Cat Design


Cape Town based Red Cat Design creates homes that suit your lifestyle, are a joy to live in and a backdrop to making magical memories with friends and family.

Why work with Red Cat?
I believe that your home adds to the way you experience your life. And I want you to have the best life possible. I help you achieve this by combining my architecture and interior design expertise.

You're at the core of the design. Red Cat homes aren't designed to win awards or bolster my ego. I want you to have a home that is your sanctuary where you can recharge and re-energise and then go into the world and do amazing things.

Unfortunately good architecture isn't always within reach. I believe it should be; so I've made working with me accessible by offering various design services to fit your needs, personality, and budget.

The journey to your new home can be complex and confusing. Red Cat uses simple language and a straight forward process to make this easier and fun. Your home is designed with you, guiding you rather than forcing my ideas on you.


Jenny never fails to blow me away with her creative vision and skill at interpreting my rambling ideas into a coherent plan which is always just right.

You make beautiful homes, it is an absolute pleasure working on this dream with you.

Susie and Mike, Constantia

The story behind the name


The first homes I designed myself were for friends; this turned into a bit of a side hustle that needed a name. I was doing something I loved for people I loved and bringing that into the name just felt right.

So Red Cat Design comes from my loves:

  • Red is a favourite colour (now second to grey),
  • Cat, well, I‘m a lover of dogs too, but cats will always be my first love, and
  • Design, I fell in love with architecture when I was about 5 years old, making Lego floorplans, lost in my imagination for hours.

And that’s how the name came about- it’s a combination of things I love and, hopefully, through it, I can create a home for you that you love.


It takes a special professional to hear the client’s requirements and Jenny exceeded our expectations in every aspect of our engagements with her.

Darren and Alex, Vredehoek